Sunday, August 1, 2010

Due Date

Today was Cara Jade's due date, but as we head to bed tonight, we still have no Cara. One of my friends joked that she was being like her old man and being "fashionably late". I think she's just showing signs of being a future gamer and is keeping us guessing.

Since I posted here last, my hard drive crashed, along with the motherboard which both had to be replaced, then the information and programs restored. My own personal disaster, which pales in comparison to the actual disaster brought to us by BP and their offshore oil drilling, which began with an exploding rig and led to a flood of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Supposedly, it's now currently (mostly) plugged.

For Debby, this time has been especially challenging and she's had to endure quite a few painful and/or debilitating physical problems, as well as a few emotional roller coaster rides. We both wait anxiously now for the big day. I know Cara will make her appearance when she is good and ready, but I hope it is soon.

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